Road accident on provincial road 12 which from state road 387 leads to Settimo San Pietro . A car flew off the road and ended up under a tree, the driver was taken to hospital under a red code.

The local police of the Union of Municipalities of Parteolla and Basso Campidano, a 118 medical unit and the fire brigade were on site.

The injured man was extracted from the twisted sheets of metal , placed in an ambulance and transferred to hospital where he was admitted to emergency surgery. The prognosis is linked to ongoing investigations.

The accident occurred around 6pm: it seems that the injured man, driving a Ford, lost control of the steering wheel and the car went off the road, stopping on the ditch and under the branches of a large tree . At the moment there is no evidence of the involvement of other means .

The commander of the Cagliari Metropolitan Police noticed the accident and, off duty, passed along the provincial road, noticing the car off the road and raising the alarm. The commander of the local police of Parteolla and Basso Campidano, Captain Giuseppe Mulas, and the assistant chief Ignazia Riguer immediately arrived on site and carried out the findings after assisting the injured man.

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