Waste in large quantities in the suburbs of Settimo and Sinnai but also in the countryside . A few weeks ago the Municipality of Settimo San Pietro spent 70 thousand euros to clean up eleven landfills. Waste continues to appear almost everywhere in the Cagliari hinterland. In Settimo, as in Sinnai, Selargius, Maracalagonis, Monserrato and Quartucciu. All countries that have an eco-centre and where the separate waste collection service is guaranteed. In recent days, the "Everyone in the same boat" project was launched in Settimo and Sinnai, with the collection of eleven tons of waste, recovered in the countryside and in the outskirts of the two municipalities thanks to the mobilization of 85 volunteers. With them, the special kids from Anffas, engaged in waste recovery and creating awareness signs.

All this, while kayaker Carlo Coni continues his tour of Sardinia with the aim of raising awareness of environmental protection. The associations “CuriAmo Settimo”, “Active Citizenship Oikos”, “Misericordia” have been mobilised. In Settimo San Pietro the volunteers mobilized near the sports field and "Cuccuru Nuraxi", collecting four quintals of separated glass, paper, plastic and dry waste. Also present were the mayor Gigi Puddu and the vice mayor Antonio Concu, councilors and city councilors.

«We thank - said Massimiliano Lecca, a volunteer from Settimo San Pietro – the municipal administrations of Settimo and Sinnai and Cosir, the company that manages the waste collection service in the two Municipalities: a special thanks to the guys from Anffas». In Sinnai the 35 volunteers were involved in the "Plastic free" operation, collecting 250 kilos of plastic, 150 kilos of undifferentiated plastic and 300 kilos of glass, making the area in front of the pine forest cleaner.

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