Aggression yesterday morning in the parking area of the Tanit shopping center , on the outskirts of Sassari . Two men quarreled , perhaps over an occupied parking space, and one of them pulled out a knife trying to hit the opponent several times.

The Carabinieri of the Company of Sassari were called by the vigilantes of the shopping center, but upon their arrival the two contenders had distanced themselves.

The military then collected the testimonies and acquired the surveillance system videos . Thanks to the recorded images, they identified the alleged attacker, who, holding a knife, had struck blows towards the opponent.

Reached and questioned the man, a 38-year-old from Sassari , said he had a fight over a parking lot and gave no information on the other person.

In the home of the 38-year-old the carabinieri found and confiscated the knife and the man was reported for illegal carrying of a weapon.

The investigations in Sassari   continue to trace the other person involved: at the moment it is not clear whether she was actually injured.

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