Does the Sardara Administration not like the Avis mural which aims to promote the culture of donation? Yes, maybe, actually no. A heart and the silhouettes of two naked human figures, for the artist "Adam and Eve", but for the Municipality "an unclear message". And the mayor, Giorgio Zucca, invites the association «to present four new sketches to be submitted to the attention of a commission». The president of the Association, Mauro Atzori, cuts it short: «We will do what has been asked of us. We are interested in the objective."

The controversies

After two years of waiting from the presentation of the project and the payment of the tax of 150 euros for the occupation of public land, the case arrived in the City Council with a question from the minority and the request for a discussion from the majority. And so on to the controversy between the opposing benches. «Why - said the leader of the opposition group, Ercole Melis - have no answers been given to Avis' legitimate requests regarding the mural? How much longer do we have to wait? A serious delay that creates disaffection among volunteers towards the Municipality, the body that should be the first supporter, in the presence of a councilor for associations".

The reply fell to the deputy mayor, Roberto Caddeo: «We are accused of inertia, in reality the issue is technical and not political. The office has repeatedly requested the integration of the Suape case, in exchange the association has sent notes of accusations against us. We convened the board and explained the process. We would have expected an apology, but there wasn't one."

No censorship

The story falls within the artistic field of street art which the Municipality has defined with a regulation. And now the mayor denies any attempt at censorship. «When the volunteers – says Zucca – proposed the mural to be created in the Enel cabin, at the beginning of via Campania, the road that leads to the primary and secondary school complex, my yes was unconditional. The best point to educate the citizens of tomorrow about giving, starting from the little pupils." The doubts and perplexities with the vision of the sketch. «The painting does not represent in a clear, simple, communicative way the message of an important gesture of solidarity such as donating blood. How to explain to little ones a heart in the center and below Adam and Eve? The street art regulation provides for the evaluation of the project proposal to external components. The choice is theirs."

the message

In correspondence with the Municipality, the Avis board reiterated «full availability for dialogue, as it has always been since its birth, 40 years ago. We have never looked at the political color of the current administrations." On the message and the artist, tight-lipped. Those in the know explain: «In the opera a heart dominates the scene, the physical and emotional engine of our body. From Adam and Eve an indispensable organ for life. Looking at the image in perspective, the meaning of donation: giving without knowing who receives and receiving without knowing who donated."

Santina Ravi

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