Apparently no one seems to fear negative repercussions for shopkeepers, nor a lower participation of faithful. There is fear, however, for the tourists who were the ones who traditionally purchased seats in the stands in advance through travel agencies.

The missed opportunity

«A missed opportunity», comments Riccardo Rocca, outgoing Third Guardian who has been in the Brotherhood for 22 years. «Most of the seats in the stands were purchased by travel agencies and bought in advance by tourists. Those who come from far away want to sit and watch the whole procession, they don't want to stand for four hours waiting for the Saint to pass by." Sadness also for the absence of the evening show. "It's a great shame, also in this case from a tourist point of view." ( A celebration in half, READ the news )

The controversies

«Precisely at this moment in which Via Roma, Piazza Matteotti and the surrounding areas are affected by endless construction sites», argues Marzia Cilloccu, former city councilor, «preventive planning by the competent councilors would have been desirable». The reply from the now former mayor Polo Truzzu was clear. «We took part in the race, but unfortunately it was deserted. These are management actions that politics cannot have a say in", he explains.

The hitch

What caused the hitch that blocked the offices was the failure to approve the budget forecast for the three-year period 2024-2026. A condition that triggered the temporary exercise, therefore a heavy limit on expenses. And the first to be blocked were precisely those for Sant'Efisio.

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