An explosion of happiness and fun, which involved an impressive public estimated at around 25,000 people from every corner of Sardinia until late in the evening. Once again " A Maimone 2023, su Carrasegare antigu Samughesu" did not betray the expectations and there were so many considering the three-year stop for the covid emergency. An impressive demonstration that had its own   apotheosis with the awaited release of the Mamutzones, S'Urtzu, Su Omadore, Minchilleo, Su Tragacorgios , all masks of the "ancient Carnival of Samughe" .

No less fascinating and applauded was the parade that saw the groups of traditional masks from the island, the peninsula and abroad as protagonists: Il Diavolo di Tufara from Molise, Kukerska from Bulgaria, Boes and Merdules from Ottana, Su Bundu from Orani, Sos Tumbarinos from Gavoi, Sos Thurpos from Orotelli, Is Murronalzos from Olzai, S'Attitidu Osinku from Bosa, Mask Gattu from Sarule, Flag-wavers and musicians from the Candelieri from Sassari .

The town was literally stormed already during the morning thanks to the collateral events dedicated to the Sardinian language, culture and sport, held in the convention hall of the Museum of Sardinian textile art.

The first with the participation of Simone Pisano, professor of general linguistics at the University of Pisa. The second one saw the illustrious guest of the Olympic champion Lorenzo Patta, who in his parents' country, together with the journalist Valentina Caruso, chatted about the ride at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Throughout the day it was also possible to visit photographic exhibitions, at the Murats museum, while in the inhabited center there were many places dedicated to tastings and meals based on typical Samughe products.

Giuliano Marongiu presented the event with the commentary of the live streaming, while the music and dances that framed the event were entrusted to Massimo Pitzalis . Tired but satisfied with the success of the event Igor Saderi, president of the Mamutzones Cultural Association, Basilio Patta mayor of Samugheo and Sergio Loi responsible for communication. And it could not be otherwise given the great success.

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