«In relation to the news relating to an investigation for a crime of association against Cardinal Angelo Becciu and other people, including Professor Tonino Becciu and Dr. Maria Luisa Zambrano , we communicate the following: no investigation is against the interested parties for the crime of criminal association . On the other hand, preliminary investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Sassari are underway. The lawyers Paola Balducci and Ivano Lai, lawyers of Tonino Becciu and Maria Luisa Zambrano, respectively brother and nephew of the Sardinian cardinal, declare it in a note.

The same lawyers explain that these preliminary investigations have been "subject to a recent provision of extension by the investigating judge, to which the defenders, for reasons of loyal collaboration, did not deem it necessary to make observations".

«All the acts of the 'Sardinian' proceeding are still covered by investigative secrecy and - the lawyers then point out - cannot be published, not even partially. Therefore, it is surprising that, despite the secrecy that covers them, segments of documents from the proceeding conducted by the Sassari Public Prosecutor's Office, including private conversations (moreover irrelevant from a criminal point of view), information from the Judicial Police (Guardia di Finanza) and other documents, have already been disclosed in contexts and deposited in offices (particularly with the Judicial Authority of the Vatican City State), as well as even published by some sites that have disseminated photographic copies, while they continue not to be accessible to those directly concerned being, as investigative secrecy is in effect for them and for their defenders".

"It will be care - conclude the lawyers - to promote, therefore, a prompt application before the Authorities in charge for the verification of any violations of investigative secrecy with undue disclosure to third parties, of the rights of defense and of the constitutional guarantees of the interested parties".


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