Promote , in the 52 municipalities of the Nuoro Local Health Authority , the conscious adoption of a healthy and active lifestyle at all ages , to contribute to the control of chronic diseases and reduce their complications. At the same time, however, also promoting social inclusion, involving people with disabilities, those suffering from mental distress or mental disorders, those living in conditions of socio-economic disadvantage and fragility, who are usually less active and more difficult to reach and involve.

These are the objectives of " Caminadores ", a project of the "Walking Groups" launched by the social health company of Nuoro.

In the morning the presentation in Nuoro, with an exceptional testimonial: Gianfranco Zola .

The champion from Oliena showed all his satisfaction for an initiative in which he is the protagonist, together with his friends Gianfranco Matteoli and Tomaso Tatti.

«I'm here - said Zola - because I believe that this is a beautiful initiative, which can help many people . It is clear that the lifestyle we lead can really make a difference ." Tomaso Tatti added: «I was also favorably impressed by this project , because it promotes the culture of health and prevention, and encourages the practice of physical activity in everyday life».

Paolo Cannas, general director of the Nuoro ASL: «We are doing great things in the field of community medicine and prevention. For this I want to thank the health director, Serafinangelo Ponti, creator of the project, and all his staff of collaborators. Thanks also to our sponsor, the entrepreneur Franco Fois, who provided us with the walking group t-shirts."

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