The documents are confidential, covered by that military secret that flows between cables and armored missives in the optical fibers reserved for the Defense Staff. One of the documents in our possession is as explicit as few. The key word is necessarily Anglo-Saxon: « warfighting ». Translated in no uncertain terms it means: ready for war, combat, clash between armies. It had never happened before, from '48 to today. That set-up had been archived forever, at least this was thought and hoped for. The lords of war and arms, the Italian war industries and beyond, would never have imagined such a copious escalation, such as to reinvigorate arsenals and business without spending limits.

Ready for battle

The letter has an object that leaves no room for doubt: «Evolution of the international chessboard. Provisions of the Chief of Staff of the Army ». The content of the directive is eloquent: «All training activities must be oriented towards“ warfighting ”. In this regard, the postponement of all exercises that are not specifically aimed at maintaining operational capabilities is ordered ". It does not take long to understand what is happening and the consequences of that dispatch: Sardinia is, according to the provisions of the last few hours and the structure that we document with exclusive images, an operational base, probably exclusive, of " warfighiting ", of the get ready for a fight. If in the disposition of the number one of the Army it is written that all the "superfluous" exercises must be postponed, it is evident that those just started in these hours in Sardinia are functional to the war alert.

Loaded ship

It is no coincidence, in fact, that for days the gray ship "Capucine" flying the flag of Malta has been raging in the south of the island, in the port of Sant'Antioco, increasingly loaded with weapons and ammunition of all kinds. The last unloading three days ago, dozens of howitzers and tanks, no less than 50 containers of war material. All unloaded in the square of the port to be then transported with trailers to the military polygon of Teulada.


The same ship in a few hours, today night or tomorrow dawn, could again hook the military ropes in the bollards of the Sulcitan port. The navigation proceeds very slowly, from the Port of Ravenna to Sardinia, with an imposing load that prevents it from exceeding ten knots of speed. That the military chessboard imposed on the island is in turmoil can be perceived not only with the coming and going of weapons of all kinds. Since yesterday, most of the stretches of sea on the eastern coast of Sardinia, from Arbatax to Muravera, from Domus de Maria to Porto Pino, are officially forbidden. Prohibited to approach: fire exercises, read the ordinances just published by the Port Authorities of Cagliari and Arbatax.

Bombs, day and night

Not the usual exercises, already invasive and destructive in themselves, but real warfare, as per the higher provisions. In that stretch of sea, which has always been a route for passenger ships, everything is forbidden: from transit to fishing, from diving to mooring. Variable times in the Quirra Interforce polygon. From 3 to 31 October it bombards from 7 am to 8 pm, from 24 to 28 October it starts at dawn at 5 am until after sunset at 8 pm. It is no better in Teulada: the war structure goes from 8 in the morning until 11 pm, continuously from 3 to 21 October.

Anti-aircraft missiles

To all this is added the war scenario of the exclusive images that we publish. Never seen military vehicles wandering around the Quirra polygon as if Sardinia had been transformed even more and with greater violence into a land of real war. To see them you have to stumble upon those many access roads that in 12,000 hectares of warmongering occupation of eastern Sardinia lead you to what is still today the most imposing military polygon in Europe. As if there were no inhabited centers close by, with thousands of civilians, in that territory between the Sarrabus, the Gerrei and the Ogliastra, anti-missile batteries stand out, projecting the military servants of the island into a new dimension on the chessboard. of Defense.

Jump of category

The purpose of this positioning in Quirra is not very clear, certainly it is a qualitative leap, so to speak, of the military presence on Sardinian territory. If it were a presence of antimissile missile batteries for exercise purposes it would mean that these structures could be used on the Sardinian territory, if instead they were really positioned for defensive purposes it would consolidate the fact that Sardinia and the military bases are considered a real military target and precisely, with all that follows.

The mystery of the batteries

The shape of these anti-missile batteries that we document, both those already positioned and in the vehicles moving inside the polygon, do not correspond, however, to the Samp-T supplied to the Italian Defense but resemble in conformation, but only from this point of view , to the S-400 Triumphs, a new generation anti-aircraft weapon system developed by a Russian state company, also supplied to Turkey, until proven otherwise by NATO. To understand what we are talking about, it is sufficient to say that these weapons systems, in Putin's evolution, are capable of intercepting and hitting warplanes and ballistic and cruise missiles that fly at a speed of up to 4.8 km / s. (17,000 km / h).

Forbidden to approach

Impossible not to see them, if only because never within the Salto di Quirra had there been a war deployment of such magnitude. And that the tension is very high is demonstrated by the stops put in place by the police inside the polygon in recent weeks. Not a day goes by that the "communication" of the State does not disclose the actions aimed at preventing access within the war perimeter, simulated for now.

Tighten the cord

In the meshes of the entry restrictions, even in the marginal areas of the polygon, pastors and not only have ended up, to testify that the military leaders have decided to tighten the cordon of the military areas. It is no coincidence that the official notes disclosed by the military leaders also include those who have always been considered the most users of those territories: the shepherds. Therefore, increasingly narrow meshes that have not, however, prevented us from documenting what is really happening in one of the increasingly forbidden areas of the polygon.

Towers area

In the notorious tower area, the object of one of the most devastating environmental havoc in the history of the military occupation of the Sardinian land, those anti-aircraft missile cylinders are positioned in a launch position right among the mastic still remaining in the Salto di Quirra. It certainly remains a question as heavy as a boulder: why was Sardinia designated to these exercises just when the rest of the country were suspended? The disposition of the General Staff of the Army is all too clear, making it clear that most of the battalions must converge in the exercises in Sardinia. In the provisions reserved in the hands of military leaders, there are at least two passages that correspond to the current state of alert in the island: "It is necessary to ensure greater homogeneity of the forces that contribute to the conduct of operations, avoiding as far as possible the splitting of units". To this is added: "To ensure that the highest levels of efficiency of all tracked vehicles, helicopters (with focus on platforms equipped with self-defense systems) and artillery weapon systems are achieved and maintained". A real war structure which Sardinia, unaware and dominated, undergoes without anything having been officially communicated. The joint joint committee between the Region and military leaders seems to have been excluded from this new set-up, including the positioning of these "ballistic" weapons that transform the island into a real target. Concentrating all the “ warfighting ” exercises, ready to fight, in Sardinia has a very specific meaning that certainly cannot pass under the radar.

Land of peace

Common sense and safety reasons should have suggested not only more caution but also less unscrupulousness in indicating Sardinia as an operational base for even more worrying operations than the already devastating ordinary exercises. Unaware target in wartime is not a nice gift for an island that could perhaps aspire to become a land of peace and mediation. The anti-aircraft missiles, on the other hand, in Quirra are in a launch position.

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