The reports arrived on time. The Luna Park, not authorized by the mayor of Porto Torres, Massimo Mulas, has opened to the public.

The amusement park has activated the rides anyway, neglecting the ordinance that forbade the owners of the structure to open due to the lack of safety conditions. The rides set up in via Migheli have been overrun by many young people who take advantage of the opportunity for fun during the three days of the Festha Manna.

The addressees of the formal notice, a grouping of 13 different traveling entertainment companies, decided to ignore the measure that the mayor had adopted against them, in order to prevent the start of entertainment and gaming activities.

In the ordinance, the mayor specified that, in the event of non-compliance, the judicial authority, the public safety authority and the supervisory bodies would be informed. Local police officers went to the scene to verify the irregularity which will in any case be punished with an administrative fine. The risk is that in via Migheli, an exit road to the traffic flow, safety problems and dangers for public safety could arise.

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