Fear returns to the social housing blocks of Piazza Grazia Deledda. More sagging and collapses in the three-storey building located in the Borgona district of Porto Torres, where tragedy came close in August last year.

Mayor Massimo Mulas has issued a new ordinance following the inspection by the firefighters. The team intervening from Sassari detected the detachment and fall of cement portions from the balcony of a house located on the second floor of the building, removing parts that were in imminent danger of collapse.

The firefighters have taken steps to prohibit access to a terrace below the floor affected by the fall of material, while the public road has been delimited with the use of signal tape. Only eight months ago the collapse of an attic risked burying the family who lived on the top floor. The rubble was about to overwhelm a 4-year-old boy who was resting at that moment, saved by the sides of the cot and by the timely intervention of his parents.

The roar made residents of nearby houses fear the worst. Now a new intervention to avoid dangers. The provision issued by the mayor provides for Area - the Regional Agency for Housing Construction - as the owner of the property and the tenants, to provide for the safety of the balcony and every unsafe part of the building, with the execution of the consolidation and rehabilitation works, in order to avoid the risk of possible subsidence.

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