«I am thrilled to be able to celebrate this festival with you, which is not only of your city, but the memory that we celebrate today is in the heart and origin of being Christian in Sardinia. This celebration forces us to go to the heart of our Christian life. The martyrdom of the soldier Gavino, of the presbyter Proto and of his deacon Gianuario shouts a simple thing to us: Christ for them was someone to die for, a martyrdom an example for us all."

Thus Don Salvatore Bulla on the occasion of the Eucharistic celebration in honor of the Holy Martyrs of Turritani.

From the Balai stage, in Porto Torres, the words of the parish priests and priests, Monsignor Salvatore Masia, Don Boniface Da and Don Giovanni Falconi. The mass was followed by the long procession which marks the return of the wooden simulacra to the basilica of San Gavino, the burial place of the Martyrs. A journey of faith that sees the participation of hundreds of faithful, a devotion and a centuries-old rite still felt after 1721 years.

The long procession of costumed people from the Intragnas and Etnos groups, the Sennori and Sassari groups, followed by the flag committees and the civil and military authorities, accompanied the simulacra carried on the shoulders by the portadores in procession.

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