Night-time raids by vandals, gangs of hooligans who on several occasions devastated the "Don Antonio Sanna" middle school in Porto Torres, damaging the gym used by the volleyball sports clubs.

They destroyed everything: furniture, furnishings, blackboards and bathroom fixtures. All filmed and posted on social media by the thugs themselves. They took advantage of the closure of the school, which was the subject of a demolition and reconstruction project yet to begin, thanks to a 7 million euro Pnrr loan. In recent days, gangs of children entered the school through a window, left imprudently open, and broke everything they encountered on their way, including the windows and furnishings of the secretariat, the computers, the desks and the chairs thrown violently into the room. of the auditorium. They even set fires in the corridors, burning teaching materials and trying to set fire to the seats in the music room.

During the night between last Saturday and Sunday they also broke into the gym used by the Porto Torres Volleyball club. «They forced the chains of the front door - says Giannella Dessì, coach of the volleyball team - they entered, turning everything upside down, destroying everything, breaking the bathroom sinks, damaging the balls. In the school they emptied all the fire extinguishers and dirtied the rooms, first and second floors of the building with dust, damaging furniture and offices, chairs, desks and furniture. Then writings on the walls and the contents of the cupboards scattered on the floor." Giannella Dessì did not hesitate to report the serious episode to the carabinieri of the Porto Torres company who, once an initial inspection had been carried out, started investigations to arrest the culprits. They would already have a face and a name.

An act of devastation condemned by the Councilor for Education, Simona Fois: «We firmly condemn similar behaviors and at the same time we ask ourselves questions about the authors and the motivations that may have pushed them to have no respect for the assets of the community of which, perhaps, no they feel sufficiently integral. From this point of view we are trying to do our part to build meeting opportunities and places of socialization capable of strengthening the role of young people as an active part of society, in order to avoid such hostile attitudes as much as possible".

The gym was cleaned by the same members of the volleyball club. They did not hesitate to roll up their sleeves to resume activities and guarantee the continuity of training.

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