The Ford Ranger with the latest generation fire-fighting module , which has just arrived in the Civil Protection association of Palau.

The new vehicle cost around 60 thousand euros, 35 thousand of which came from the Region and 25 thousand as a contribution from the Consortium of owners of Punta Sardegna and Porto Rafael.

It joins the other two Land Rovers owned by the Association, the Nissan Navara under concession from the Union of Municipalities and the Land Rover under concession from the RAS. With the arrival of this new vehicle, the Bremach which was donated by Countess Crespi 30 years ago will be "retired".

The patronal festival of Palau, organized by Fidali 1979, began on Friday with Mass and a show by Benito Urgu . Religious moments also yesterday, Saturday, followed by a dinner of Campidanese gnocchi and music.

Today, after the solemn Mass at 6pm, the procession will take place, accompanied by the Arzachena Musical Band, with the simulacrum of the Virgin, first on land and then on a boat, with the blessing of the sea. At 9pm in Piazza Due Palme, the 26th Calapetralana Poetry Prize and final concert. On Friday the Mass was animated by the San Giovanni Bosco Parish Choir of Arzachena, on Saturday by the Lorenzo Pelosi Polyphonic Choir of Olbia and today's Mass will be performed by the San Mauro Abate Parish Choir of Palau.

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