An intervention expected for many years by the families of the only six municipal public residential apartments left in Oschiri , built in the 1960s, all located in a building in the ring road of San Pietro (the other public residential apartments in the town were built later by other Bodies and redeemed for some time by their legitimate owners).

The Municipal Council of Oschiri has in fact received from the Region 550 thousand euros for the redevelopment of the 6 popular apartments , a sum obtained from the funds of the NRP. The interventions will concern the renovation of the facades, the construction of the thermal coat, the complete renovation of the roof and the replacement of all the fixtures. The municipal council of Oschiri has also approved the executive project of the work. Which will soon go to tender.

"As an Administration we participated in a regional tender for a redevelopment of public residential buildings, dated over time, which we were very fond of - comments the mayor of Oschiri Roberto Carta -. The amount was credited to us by the Region and we immediately drafted the executive project, although we have time until December 31. We hope to prepare the call for tenders by the end of October, thus speeding up the procedures for the start of the works, which the six families in question have been waiting for a long time " .

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