Operational for a few months, the new San Martino CT scan has already stopped . For a few days now, a technical problem has been blocking the 128-slice machine that was installed in the local Radiology department in February. The local health authority has already taken action to restore the equipment as soon as possible, spare parts have already been ordered but at the moment there is no certainty about the timeframe for resuming exams .

«The Territorial Radiology CT scan is stopped due to a technical problem and work is already underway to restore the machinery - the Local Health Authority informs us - In the meantime, however, the patients for whom the CT scan had been scheduled in recent days are not having it they will skip it, but they will perform it regularly at other facilities ."

Just in recent days, a new radiologist came into service to strengthen the local Radiology staff, made up of two permanent specialists (who mainly deal with oncological screening) and two part-time. Now the unexpected stop of the CT scan, which cost over 700 thousand euros and arrived at San Martino after five years of waiting , amidst controversy and a ballet of decisions and uncertainties about its location.

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