The hearing to validate the arrest of Davide Iannelli, accused of having set fire to his neighbor , in Olbia, on Friday is scheduled for Monday morning.

The 48-year-old, assisted by the lawyer Cristina Cherchi, finds himself locked up in the Sassari prison of Bancali, after having constituted himself at the Commissariat of Olbia.

Marco Contu and prosecutor Ilaria Corbelli will be heard on Monday by the investigating judge of the Tribunal of Tempio Pausania. Attempted murder is the accusation that is being contested.

The victim, with his body on fire, was rescued with a fire extinguisher by the driver of a bus that was passing at that time in via Petta, and is now hospitalized in very serious conditions, with second and third degree burns in 42% of the body, third degree to the face, neck, shoulders and arms, in the intensive care unit of the Santissima Annunziata hospital. As soon as possible, he will undergo surgery to remove the parts of the skin by now necrotized.

At the base of the gesture, according to what has been ascertained so far by the police, there are old rusts.

Yesterday morning they crossed in front of the building where they live, they came to blows and at the height of the quarrel Iannelli extracted a bottle filled with petrol from an envelope, emptied it on the opponent and lit the fire with a lighter.

The investigators are also working to understand whether or not there was premeditation in what happened, an eventuality that could become an aggravating circumstance.

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