The regional integrated tourist offer also starts from the port in the north west of the island, still outside the most well-known tourist circuits but the protagonist of a challenge that involves various local players. With this spirit, this morning in Porto Torres, the three days of the third edition of "Nautic Event Sardinia 2024" was inaugurated, an event that presents the city as the capital of nautical tourism in the days starting from today, Friday 14th and until Sunday 16 June. At the ribbon cutting, in the area set up under the Aragonese Tower, the various institutional actors of the initiative organized by Assonautica nord Sardegna with the support of the Sassari Chamber of Commerce with the Salude&Trigu program.

An event sponsored by the Municipality of Porto Torres, together with the Sassari Industrial Consortium, Asinara Park, Turritana Harbor Office and Port System Authority. Also present at the event were the regional councilors for Tourism and Public Works, Franco Cuccureddu and Antonio Piu, welcomed by the mayor Massimo Mulas in what represents a showcase, a tool for dissemination and operational comparison aimed at knowledge of the regional territory and its complex offer of services present on the island. «We want Porto Torres to be the capital of the nautical hospitality system because we need to see ports innovated in their profile and physiognomy. From paid parking to actual accommodation facilities where the nautical traveler lands and wants to be comfortably welcomed. So the meaning of this village that welcomes visitors is that it must be welcoming", said Giovanni Conoci, president of Assonautica, in his opening speech.

Organized in the area set up in the green space of the Aragonese Tower - in which all the ports of Sardinia are represented - the three days, through seminars, debates, events and show cooking, showcases the best that the island offers in an integrated perspective of development: from tourism to food and wine excellence, passing through the hospitality system and the vision of new uses of the areas that can be destined for the growth of the nautical sector which can constitute a driving force for territorial development. «A new route for the North West of Sardinia, which needs events like this to be able to stimulate its opportunities also from an entrepreneurial point of view», said the mayor Massimo Mulas, «a truly important moment for us with the partners, a new path for a North West that wants to organize itself even more from the point of view of nautical opportunities and accommodation".

For Franco Cuccureddu: «Sardinia has few world records, one of these is that of being an important attractor for maxi and giga yachts. Of the 100 most expensive boats in the world, at least 75 sail in our seas every year, with a strong concentration in this northern Sardinian-Corsican navigation basin. Having this world record means being attractive for other segments too, and with these events it's about reflecting on what the potential could be to exploit this opportunity, so that it has a real economic impact." According to the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Stefano Visconti «this is an important event for boating, for us who have committed ourselves in 2020 to ensuring that this sector can become an important segment of the economy».

The president of the Port Authority, Massimo Deiana, underlined the need to rethink all territorial realities, «especially when history and the news have put them face to face with the failures of prospects. Today, following the mayor's recommendation, we are considering dedicating a dock of the cableway to moorings for maxi yachts." Regional councilor Piu: «We have an ongoing plan which presupposes three lines of intervention. First we must try to carry out extraordinary maintenance of the ports, secondly understand how tourism, through recreational activities, is important as a point of reference for many, finally the third line of intervention is public and private investments". «This event turns the spotlight on Porto Torres – added Valerio Scanu, president of the industrial Consortium – which makes us proud of the rebirth of this gateway to the Mediterranean, the port of the north-west, because the economy must start again from here». Also taking part in the debate were the Park commissioner, Giovanni Cubeddu and the mayor of Stintino, Rita Vallebella, the designer of the master plan, the architect Andrea Maspero, Francesco Morandi, professor at the University of Sassari and Salvatore Brichetto, vice president of Confcommercio. Guest of honor was the sailor Andrea Mura who told the Nautico Paglietti students about his performances and how he became part of the history of Italian sailing. The 12 municipalities of Coros and the musical and gastronomic events act as a backdrop.

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