Just one click is enough to share a love post on social media. A few seconds are enough for anyone to see the faces of two lovers who show everyone the strength of their feelings. Michele Deiana, 20 years old, from Lanusei , could have used the same formula to celebrate three years of relationship with his girlfriend.

However, he made another choice, almost from another era. He entrusted one of his poems to the Ogliastra page of L'Unione Sarda . It talks about love, investigated for centuries by writers, poets and philosophers. He does it with the definitions of sentiment by Sappho, Plato and Lucretius, with courtly literature.

The young man, graduated from the Lanusei classical high school, enrolled in psychology at the University of Cagliari, works in the world of the network dealing with human relations. «I avoided the post on social media used by everyone and thought that writing in the newspaper could be more effective, that it would remain longer , in short, something very significant – he says -. I didn't want to fall into the banal, today there is almost a competition to see who publishes the best posts or story, posting a photograph with your girlfriend almost seems like making the relationship official. I'm not interested in everyone seeing what I'm creating with my girlfriend but in this case I wanted to write a reflection that would lead people to reflect in turn on what love is ."

In his writing Deiana does not define himself as a poet but as a lover. Knowing how to compose verses is not a necessary clause to probe the affective sphere. Michele Deiana knows what love is, he doesn't relegate it to a question of age: " love is a safe haven ", he writes. «In my reflection I invite you to love others and to love yourself every day – he explains – after all it is not a difficult thing, you just need to find the right person to build a relationship with. When I talk about love as a safe haven I do it as something that makes you feel good , I believe this is the real meaning of love, something that, no matter how bad you may experience negative moments, always brings you back to thinking that you feel good there." .

However, the student reminds readers of the importance of not taking anything for granted. « It takes a lot of dedication, love is just like a little plant, if I stop watering it it dries up and dies , so I have to take care of love, if I don't do it I risk it fading away, we need sincere attention, small gestures, dedication and thinking to that person, cultivate the relationship."

Three years of engagement sealed by a very sweet declaration in the press. However, Michele's reserve towards his partner remains. No anniversary celebrations on social media and knowledge far removed from the world of the web and instant messaging. Michele does not demonize social media, in fact he also uses them for work reasons but he prefers the real to the virtual. « We decided to deepen our knowledge in person without going through messages, because they are cold and allow you to hide, while meeting a person in person, from scratch, is something natural, you have to be yourself otherwise it will be noticed . In social media only the positive is shown, but in a relationship there are also negative aspects, the arguments that serve to make any human relationship progress."

Michele's beautiful words that appeared in Thursday's newspaper fill the hearts even for those for whom the spark has not yet struck. « If you haven't found your safe haven, don't worry because it will come. And when in the midst of the storm you see the light of its lighthouse, you will know where to go ."

Francesca Lai

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