After an inspection by the Fire Brigade, the road exiting and entering Macomer , which connects the industrial area of Tossilo, was closed to traffic .

It has been closed for two days now, closed to road traffic .

This is the former state road 131, belonging to the province of Nuoro, affected by renovation works , following the landslide that had invaded the roadway for over one hundred metres, which led to its temporary closure a week ago.

Now the intervention of the firefighters has forced the Province to close again to carry out safety works .

It is a somewhat busy road, which connects the town, in and out, with the industrial area of Tossilo and with the state road 131 in the direction of Cagliari.

The closure to carry out renovation works was anticipated in a meeting held in Nuoro a few days ago between the commissioner of the Province, Costantino Tidu, the managers of the same province and those of the technical office of the municipality of Macomer. According to what was said in the meeting, the situation should have been resolved within a few hours. The road, however, still remains blocked. The closure to traffic therefore risks continuing for the entire day today.

There are many inconveniences, because to reach the industrial area of Tossilo you would have to travel at least ten kilometers more, first crossing a part of the state road 129 for Nuoro and then the state road 131.

For a few days, many motorists, unaware of what was happening, found their road blocked, with the writing "Closed for works".

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