A "small but important local revolution". The initiative to support Luchia in Cagliari was born on the web, on the Change.org platform, a venue torpedoed in recent days by the decision of the Municipality of Cagliari to revoke the concession .

The provision , with immediate effect, left no room for interpretation: the kiosk on Viale Buoncammino must be dismantled . But for what reason? There is talk of unpaid fines and fees, as well as tables, chairs and planters placed without any authorization. The green light was also not received for DJ sets and live music in violation of the acoustic plan. A situation that sparked the protest of the owner of the place, Claudio Ara, who three days ago placed a counter and various rubbish tubs in the middle of the road , blocking traffic.

" A definitive revocation of the license, as if we were serial killers ", the words of the entrepreneur, who without losing heart "called his fellow traders to arms " to start a battle against the "obsolete regulations of the Municipality". And so, in a short time, the answer arrived. " No to the demolition of Luchia, #Thehumanfactor" , reads the poster of the petition launched online today. "In recent years, a community of citizens was born from a kiosk in the square, made up of people of all kinds, who have found a home in Buoncammino", reads the post.

Then the organizers' claim: «We have always been committed to bringing cultural liveliness for all ages and tastes, especially with music in the square, free of charge, despite a regulation that would not allow us to do all this. We are not against the rules; we are for a city regulation that creates the basis for work and a happy life for everyone, both local and passing through. We are activating an initiative that we initially wanted to call Movimento Luchia, but which is for the whole city, which is why we set the new name referring to the center of this small but important local revolution: Movimento Buoncammino #ilfattoreumano».


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