New season old problems for the 36 thousand Sardinian hunters . It has now become a real scourge, especially for dog lovers: dog theft ruled by an unimaginable whirlwind of money . A barbarism that knows no respite. Favorite dogs? Everyone, without exception: from pedigree subjects to mestizos, the important thing is that they have a good nose.

The largest share of the market is that of big game dogs: a wild boar hunting champion also reaches the price of 5 thousand euros , with an average of around 1500.

A plague that affects Sardinia from Sulcis to Gallura, from Ogliastra to Iglesiente, from Arburese to Nurra, from Sarrabus to Barbagia. The hunters are desperate: there are thefts on commission with the precise choice of good dogs. Recently in a kennel with nine examples of hounds, 5 were stolen, the best of the pack , the other 4 were left in their stalls.

But where do these dogs go? There would be at least three sorting channels : the first leads to Corsica , the second to Tuscany, Umbria and upper Lazio , the third is the local market, the poorest one, certainly more risky, but still profitable. Generally, thefts take place, as mentioned on commission.

Thefts that are often not reported for fear, but many instead report and in some cases it is possible to find the animals.

In recent years, the market for pointing dogs on boar has literally exploded. The victims are setters, pointers, breton, hounds, dogs that manage to find the wild and keep it 'still' thus allowing the hunter to get close to the wild boar.

"To stop this traffic, I invite hunters to check the origin of the auxiliaries they intend to purchase and it is good - says Marco Efisio Pisanu, regional president of Caccia, Pesca Tradizioni Sardegna - to report any fraud to the authorities".

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