«Today, together with the mayors of the territories affected by the locust plague, we are starting to see the actions to combat the emergency, developed by the Laore Agency with the support of the men from Forestas, the Forestry Corps and the police forces as indicated by the prefect of Nuoro».

So the regional councilor for agriculture, Valeria Satta , after the inspection, conducted with the first citizens of the Municipalities involved, at the operations center of the task force called to take the field to counter the locust emergency in the countryside of Central Sardinia.

In the field there will be one hundred and thirty men and 24 vehicles, employed on an area between 18 and 20 thousand hectares of central Sardinia in the provinces of Nuoro, Oristano and Sassari.

The visit of Satta and the mayors comes the day after the new alarm triggered in Ottana, where the first hatching of locust eggs was reported in Ottana, a plague which last year devastated 60 thousand hectares and 26 Sardinian villages and since 2017 it has caused over 100 million euros in damage to regional agriculture.

Hopes of stemming new invasions are placed in the task force. «We started - explains the councilor Satta - from a careful study work, in collaboration with the universities, and arrived at a tangible, verifiable action plan: all citizens can concretely see what the Region is doing to protect of farmers, breeders and all Sardinians».

«The majority of the mayors present today welcomed the action put in place by the regional council and council, and by Laore with the constant help of the Prefect of Nuoro. I understand – concluded the Councilor for Agriculture – the discouragement and frustration of some mayors, but I also invite the most reticent not to fall into the controversy and to join the current collaboration of all the forces in the field which, we are sure, will guarantee a positive outcome of the emergency".

The Noragugume operations center will receive reports of grasshopper sightings, for which an app has been created (Deomarco, from Laore) and the number 3334928760 has been made available for Whatsapp messages.


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