GeNa, hopes and fears. This morning in Sassari, at the headquarters of the Opera Gesù Nazareno , an institute that welcomes people with psychophysical disabilities, a meeting was held between the parents of the 75 guests, the employees, the management of the company that manages the structure and the unions. A meeting aimed at taking stock of the situation, in light of the preventive agreement requested by the company from the court, with the specter of bankruptcy on the horizon , and of the latter's decision on the unblocking of the Durc.

«On Tuesday we will know - says the general director of GeNa Salvatore Piras - It is a fundamental tool to get the administrative machine back in motion». Which now boasts 700 thousand euros of fixed credits, and cannot make expenses over 5 thousand euros without the permission of the same court .

Above all, the drama of the lack of money, due among other things to the failure of the Region to increase tariffs, is reflected in the 100 workers, paid with advances , and who are missing years of severance pay.

«I believe - continues the director trying to spread optimism - that, also considering the accreditation of another 15 guests, we will be able to maintain the jobs and add others ». Less positive feelings from employees exasperated by intermittent payments . The relatives of the guests then intervened, worried about the potential closure of a place of excellent care , the only one in northern Sardinia. «Where will they be able to go?», they ask themselves and the question falls on the many administrators on site, from the new regional councilors Antonio Piu and Desirè Manca, to the local representatives present, transversal to every political colour.

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