Simone Sanna passed away last night at his home in Aggius . Multifaceted artist, illustrator, cartoonist, decorator Sanna was known for his "Figurines" , portraits of well-known people but also of many who had commissioned a portrait from him over the years.

Simone was born in Tempio in 1975 and graduated as a set designer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari. He had signed the comics Il muto di Gallura, Una vengeance, Cenere, Come Bocca di Rosa, Eleonora d'arborea-The Falcon and the Queen, Snowflake for the publisher Taphros of Olbia. Story of a snowflake and The voice of Maria A fairy tale for Maria Carta. His works have been exhibited in Olbia (Costa Smeralda Airport), Tempio, Santa Teresa Gallura and Aggius. He had collaborated with the singer Patty Pravo

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