He drove his car two kilometers against the flow proceeding along the Sassari-Alghero at kilometer 2 of the Nurra state road without realizing it .

The surreal episode is witnessed by the images recorded by a motorist who filmed the scene as he passed on the other side of the traffic island, but in the right direction.

« He's mad, he runs against traffic! » he exclaims. In a few moments, the video ended up on social media and went viral. The video shows a car at the Sassari exit which in the fast lane, at sustained speed as if nothing had happened, overtakes three cars proceeding on the opposite side.

Motorists watch him worried, someone honks to get his attention and only then does he realize he was wrong to take the road. Suddenly he stops in the first lay-by to turn in the right direction . Danger escaped but the risk was high, what happened could have caused serious consequences.

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