A phone call from a fake policeman to an old woman to warn her that her son had been responsible for a very serious accident and that he was risking prison, therefore having an immediate need for a defense lawyer to be paid immediately. Then the accomplice who rings the doorbell of the victim to immediately collect the agreed amount .

When the fragile person then realizes that it's all a scam, it's too late . This is the technique used by four young Neapolitans (one a minor) arrested yesterday, between Cagliari and Oristano, on charges of extortion at the end of the investigations carried out by the Cagliari Flying Squad, in close collaboration with the Oristano Mobile and the carabinieri of the Nuoro company, especially the station. Three cases have so far been reconstructed by investigators who have taken the three adults to prison, one in Uta and two in Oristano, and the seventeen-year-old to the Quartucciu juvenile penitentiary .

According to the prosecution, it is extortion because the victims see the payment of the requested amount as the only way out. The phone calls almost become threats with the elderly woman scared and worried about her loved one who has ended up at the center of a very bad story (completely false, as are the roles of policeman, policeman and lawyer that those responsible for the attacks invent every time).

The four would not be in contact with each other although investigations are now underway on a series of other cases reported by victims in Cagliari and the rest of Sardinia . Investigators will have to verify whether the group had struck other times. At the time of the arrest (two at the port of Cagliari and two on state road 131 in the Oristano area) several jewels, gold and several thousand euros were recovered . The investigations are coordinated by the Cagliari Prosecutor's Office.

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