Almost a ton of waste was recovered, from sea and land, this morning during the “Clean up the Sella!” initiative. in Cagliari. Plastics, sea equipment, such as an entire boat recovered in pieces and bizarre objects such as fake amputated legs used for Halloween, PC screens, building material, were collected by 200 volunteers in the traditional clean up event organized by the Medsea Foundation, in collaboration with numerous aquatic and non-aquatic sports associations that operate at Poetto.


The collective removal of waste at sea and on land, starting from Marina Piccola and extending along the Cagliari coast, was challenged this year by adverse marine weather conditions, characterized by gusts of sirocco and rough seas. However, despite these difficulties, waste collection was in line with previous years, as the organizers said with approximately one tonne of waste removed.

«This annual event in the city of Cagliari was created with the aim of promoting respect for marine and coastal habitats», explains Piera Pala, president of the Medsea Foundation, «about 80% of the plastic found in the seas comes from inadequate amount of waste on the ground, mainly due to the limited ability to reuse and recycle plastic materials".


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