"We appreciate the president's willingness to dialogue." And here, with the incipit of a press note, ends the favor shown by the committees against energy speculation towards the governor Alessandra Todde after yesterday's meeting on the strategy to be adopted against the wind and photovoltaic invasion of Sardinia. «There has been, as stated by the president, no acknowledgment on the part of the committees that this path is the only possible one», is the first distancing, «our position on this aspect is in fact exactly the opposite, just as numerous obscure points remain", they write, in reference to the bill being examined by the Regional Council.

"Unfortunately, we must note that we are very far from a solution that can be defined as reasonable and, indeed, on some issues, there are no solutions in sight at the moment", explain the committees.

In the current state of affairs, they attack, "the Barumini and Saccargia sites are compromised because the Fer projects in their vicinity have been definitively authorised". Furthermore , "the 6.2 GW of renewables assigned to Sardinia were not a topic of discussion with the Government and do not emerge from any analysis of the island's needs". Furthermore, "a maximum limit on the power that can be installed was not requested from the Government nor obtained and offshore wind remains totally outside the region's competence and has not been questioned". Again: «All the over 800 overall connection requests between photovoltaic, onshore and offshore wind power remain standing for almost 58 GW of total power». And they are the ones known so far. But the committees continue: « There can be no interventions on the projects already authorized and those that will be authorized between now and the publication of the guidelines, except seeking a discussion with the Government to analyze them one by one. There is no position taken on the Tyrrhenian Link."

Then there is the methane front: «The president's versions are conflicting: while during the discussion she stated that it would be used for dairies (thesis immediately dismantled) and to convert coal power plants, she told the press instead that they will be 6.2 GW of RES which the coordination disputes as being useful for the replacement of coal power plants "that no one talks about".

There is the mitigating factor of the «very serious situation inherited by the president and by this majority, a consequence of complicit and submissive attitudes on the part of the previous councils (...) but today Sardinia finds itself at a crossroads and is risking taking a path without the possibility of returning with permanent and devastating consequences on the territory and the future of the Sardinians, and to face this emergency we need courage, determination and preparation".

Todde's «enthusiastic proclamations are contested and we instead expect an attitude that is more respectful of our position which, in the full desire to actively collaborate in the resolution of this complicated dispute and with the promise obtained to consult us before each fundamental junction of the decision-making process, remains very critical of the junta's position and its attitude towards the central government. A government that is not a friend and in which, we can see, we are probably placing too much trust, renouncing to fully vindicate our rights and assert our specific characteristics."

Todde expressed his intention to start a dispute with the State exclusively for the authorizations already granted «but, in our opinion, our statutory autonomy must be firmly asserted in the articles. 3, 4 and 5 in urban planning and landscape issues and our concurrent expertise, i.e. equal dignity and decision-making power, in energy matters. A dispute must be urgently opened to redefine, based on our needs, not only the minimum but above all the maximum production limit. All ongoing procedures for industrial-sized plants must be suspended and the construction of those already approved must be blocked, including repowering and offshore wind: the discussion with the Government cannot ignore these latter types of plants. And the Tyrrhenian Link must be rejected and Terna's activities must be immediately blocked."

Tomorrow, 15 June, all the requests will be illustrated during the event “È-Vento di Saccargia ( ALL DETAILS HERE )”.


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