Numerous checks were carried out by the Port Authority-Coast Guard of La Maddalena, as part of the "Safe Sea" operation, to counteract the phenomenon of high speed at sea during the conduct of pleasure craft in the Archipelago.

In just two days, 25 boats were sanctioned for an amount exceeding 11 thousand euros. The focus was on rubber dinghies, motorboats and motor boats that sailed at high speed and in planing attitude in stretches of sea close to the coast, characterized by high ship traffic, bathing activities and recreational sports activities.

There were also, in certain stretches of sea, shoals, shallow waters and semi-emerging rocks.

The authorities recall that the speed limit at sea to be observed in the La Maddalena Archipelago in the summer, within 500 meters from the coast, corresponds to 7 knots and within 1,000 meters to 10 knots.

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