Ribbon cutting of the first operating room of the Marino hospital in Alghero . The works for a total of one million and 450 thousand euros have been completed and the start of the orthopedic surgical activity has been scheduled for next March 4th. On the first floor of the Viale Primo Maggio structure, the renovation of a part of the operating block has been completed which, in addition to the new room, has allowed the creation of annexed rooms, such as those dedicated to the awakening of the patient and therefore the preparation area for the operation surgical and some local depots.

The opening of the block was carried out this afternoon in the presence of the general director and the health director of the AOU of Sassari, respectively Antonio Lorenzo Spano and Lucia Anna Mameli . Then of the regional health councilor Carlo Doria , of the president of the regional council Michele Pais , of the rector of the Uniss Gavino Mariotti , of the mayor of Alghero, Mario Conoci , and of the president of the fifth municipal commission Christian Mulas . Also present were the head of the Operation manager and operating room structure, Gabriella Tucconi , and the head of Orthopedics and traumatology at the Regina Margherita hospital in Alghero, Giuseppe Melis.

Next was the turn of the Civil hospital , about 500 meters away as the crow flies. Here the ASL presented the new Intensive and Semi-Intensive Care: six beds for assistance during the post-operative course of patients destined for complex elective surgery and emergency surgery which can be accredited on March 6th. The presentation of the structure was attended, among others, by the general, health and socio-health directors of ASL n. 1 of Sassari - respectively Flavio Sensi, Vito La Spina and Annarosa Negri - as well as the head of SC Anesthesia and Multidisciplinary Intensive Care, Professor Daniela Pasero.
“After more than ten years of waiting, from March 2024 the intensive care unit will treat the first patients,” said the general director of the Sassari local health authority, Flavio Sensi. «The opening of the new intensive care unit is an important milestone resulting from the collaboration between the Healthcare Company, Aou, University, Institutions, which responds to the needs of the population of the North West of Sardinia with acute and complex pathologies», added Sensi.

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