A fluorescent green patch appeared this morning in the water of the Grand Canal in Venice. The firefighters and the technicians of the regional agency for the environment intervened on the spot, who took samples to analyze them.

The alarm, at the height of the Rialto Bridge, went off around 9.30, it was some citizens who warned the local police.

From what we learn from the first analyzes, the liquid that colored the water is a "tracer", i.e. a liquid that is introduced in the event of a water leak, to understand the route followed.

The conclusion emerges from the first investigations conducted by the firefighters, the local police and Arpav, convened by the Prefect Michele di Bari in a joint coordination meeting at the police station, to take stock of the information acquired and the investigations carried out on the event, in order to identify the causes and the actions to be taken.

The action has not yet been claimed, and based on the findings of the fire brigade, no situations of danger to the health of the population have emerged. All necessary investigations are underway to clarify the nature and causes of the event.

Due to the modality of the event, the fact follows the demonstrations that took place in other cities by environmental militants, but unlike those, there is no claim.


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