Another woman points the finger at Enrico Varriale, the former deputy director of Rai Sport, already accused of having attacked and molested his former partner and who will be tried immediately for this affair.

According to when it is learned, the woman, his current girlfriend, would have contacted 112 in Rome last night, informing that she was slapped by the journalist. The police then intervened on the spot and initiated investigations into the affair.

For his part, Varriale explained: “I am the victim of a mad jealousy. Yesterday at 10.30 pm the woman with whom I am having an affair at first insisted on the intercom. Later he began knocking on the door of the house. In the end I gave in and opened them. She entered and like a fury, in the throes of a fit of jealousy, she began to destroy my house ".

Again, the journalist said: “Piatti. Glasses, knick-knacks, whatever came to hand was thrown at me and destroyed. I tried to block her and she started screaming 'don't touch me, I'll report you'. He picked up the phone and called the police and the ambulance. I amazed spectator - he explains - I begged her to stop. Eventually I realized that only police intervention could stop her. But before the agents arrived, she left the house and I didn't know anything more. I can document everything. I photographed my home or rather what remains of my home. And in relation to this I have given a mandate to my lawyers to take the necessary legal actions ".

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