Dozens of initiatives organized in every part of Sicily and in other regions of the country in memory of Judge Paolo Borsellino and the 5 escort agents (24-year-old from Sestu Emanuela Loi , Agostino Catalano, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina and Claudio Traina) murdered thirty years ago in the massacre of via D'Amelio, on July 19, 1992 .

On the celebrations, however, the recent sentence of the trial in Caltanissetta weighs on the so-called misdirection (prescription for two policemen and acquittal for the third) which has created bitterness among the families of the victims.

"We would have liked to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary with a victory over the mafia and therefore with the discovery of the truth, unfortunately this year will only be a postponed appointment", says Salvatore Borsellino, brother of the magistrate. "Numerous trials have been held but we are still waiting to know all the names of those who wanted the massacres of '92 -'93 . We are clear that different hands have competed with those of the Cosa Nostra to commit these crimes but who knows these occult relationships remains bound by the blackmail of silence ".

"Now we ask for silence - he warns - Silence on the catwalks. Silence on politics. Because instead of treasuring what has happened in these thirty years, we realize that the fight against the Mafia is no longer part of any political program ". And he explains that "this year our day of remembrance will be titled 'The Sound of Silence' and since nothing must be able to break this silence, if not music, tomorrow there will be only a platform in Via D'Amelio on which there will be a great cellist, Luca Franzetti ".

THE SARDINIAN GOVERNOR - "Thirty years after the via D'Amelio massacre, there remains a vivid, palpable memory of Paolo Borsellino and the agents of his escort who died with him in the attack, including our countryman to whom Emanuela Loi, before woman to be part of an escort and first woman of the State Police to fall into service. On that day, July 19, 1992, Italy lost not only a great magistrate, but a free man, a symbol of legality and fight against organized crime that has paid for its loyalty to the State with its life. Together with its memory, today we have the duty to keep alive that, particularly dear to us, of Emanuela, daughter of our land heroically and innocently fallen on that same day and in that same instant ". This is the message of Christian Solinas, president of the Sardinia Region.

La scultura realizzata all'interno del Parco della Legalità da Gabriele Loi in occasione dell'evento commemorativo "1992-2022: Ricordando Emanuela Loi" (Ansa - Pinna)
La scultura realizzata all'interno del Parco della Legalità da Gabriele Loi in occasione dell'evento commemorativo "1992-2022: Ricordando Emanuela Loi" (Ansa - Pinna)
La scultura realizzata all'interno del Parco della Legalità da Gabriele Loi in occasione dell'evento commemorativo "1992-2022: Ricordando Emanuela Loi" (Ansa - Pinna)

IL QUESTORE DI CAGLIARI - “Today in every office of our police headquarters there is the image of Emanuela Loi, a symbol of what a policeman is. Not a superhero, but a simple girl who did a difficult job, knowing that that job could have catastrophic results, as it was ”. These were the words of the police commissioner of Cagliari, Paolo Rossi, during the ceremony in memory of the Sardinian policewoman. A wreath donated by the Chief of Police was placed on the agent's grave while the volunteers of the Libera association founded by Don Luigi Ciotti donated a flower for each year since the massacre. Finally, a statue was inaugurated in Piazza della Legalità which depicts the embrace between judges Falcone and Borsellino, right under the large mural with the face of Emanuela Loi. "We all feel the duty to commemorate our fellow citizen - added the mayor of Sestu, Paola Secci - to always fight the mafia, that cancer that spares no place". The deputy prefect Maria Antonietta Gregorio was also present at the ceremony.

THE PROGRAM - This morning the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, meets in Palermo in via D'Amelio the girls and boys taking part in the "Coloriamo via d'Amelio" initiative, organized by the “Paolo e Rita Borsellino” Study Center. Then also the students and teachers of the comprehensive "Antonio Ugo" Institute involved in activities and initiatives that fall within the scope of the "Summer 2022 Plan".

Police chief Lamberto Giannini lays a laurel wreath inside the escort office of the Police Headquarters, then in the Cathedral the mass officiated by the archbishop of Palermo, Corrado Lorefice.

In the evening the traditional torchlight procession from piazza Vittorio Veneto to via D'Amelio organized by the Forum on July 19th . In the arrivals area of the "Fontanarossa" airport in Catania, the ANSA photographic exhibition with texts and images was set up, entitled "The legacy of Falcone and Borsellino" which on 20 May was also installed in the Palermo airport entitled to the two magistrates.

"Here are remembered men and women who gave their lives so that Sicily and Italy are part of a country where the law is not an optional, but a condition of life for everyone", said Metropolitan Archbishop Luigi Renna. . "An exhibition - added the governor Nello Musumeci - which tells a path of pain and hope, which describes with the force of images the tenacity and sacrifice, up to the extreme, of two great Sicilians. And that the Sicilian Region has supported with conviction".

The ANSA exhibition will also be set up tomorrow evening in the Teatro di Verdura in Palermo, on the occasion of the show "The legacy of the righteous" by the composer Marco Tutino.

Tomorrow at 16.59, the time of the attack, on the island of Favignana , the meeting "You did not kill them" will take place. In Reggio Calabria , in the space adjacent to the entrance to the Aragonese Castle, a "bench of memory" was installed with Borsellino's phrase "if the youth deny it consent, even the mafia will vanish like a nightmare". In Piazza della Scala in Milan , at 7.30 pm organized by the city coordination of FdI, a piano concert with pieces performed by maestro Alfonso Di Rosa accompanied by readings against the mafia delivered by Borsellino.

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