It is a strange story that comes from the Regina Coeli prison in Rome. Behind the bars is a 28-year-old prisoner who has been "sleeping" for 4 months.

The story of the young Pakistani is followed by the Antigone non-profit association which explains that initially the issue was underestimated. The staff of the institute and many others thought that the foreigner was simply pretending to sleep, but as the weeks pass, worries emerge.

It could be , as a cultural mediator hypothesized, the syndrome of resignation . He does not react to stimuli, he needs a diaper and a catheter and eats only because you can put food in his mouth.

At each hearing of his trial he is carried on a stretcher , his cellmate said he never saw him with his eyes open or noticed any movement.

For now it is not known what his fate will be, certainly for Antigone he cannot continue to stay in prison in those conditions.

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