First hearing in Turin for the murder of Massimo Melis, the 52-year-old of Sardinian origin (the mother of Assemini and the father of Cagliari) killed with a gunshot to the head on Halloween night last year. Some videos were shown in the courtroom, in the presence of the accused, Luigi Oste, the 62-year-old bartender who, according to the Prosecutor's Office, wanted to take revenge on a woman with whom he had had a brief affair and who had approached Melis.

In the images, recorded on the evening of October 31st shortly after 8 pm, a man is seen walking towards via Gottardo, then turns back, and again passes under the eye of the camera. For the investigators it is an Innkeeper, even if the face is not clear, before and after the murder: in one of these back and forth he would have gone to retrieve the gun after having ascertained the presence of the 52-year-old at Patrizia's house and then shot him as he got into the car.

In addition to these documents, the hundreds of messages with threats sent to the woman weigh on the head of the host, some testimonies including that of a relative who would have seen him with a weapon in his hand that evening.

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