The first case of monkeypox in Italy was identified at the Spallanzani hospital in Rome .

It is a man who returned after a stay in the Canary Islands who presented himself to the emergency room of Umberto I.

Spallanzani explains that the "clinical picture was characteristic and the monkeypox virus was rapidly identified with molecular techniques and gene sequencing from skin lesion samples." The person, continues the hospital, "is currently hospitalized in isolation in fair general conditions" and "epidemiological investigations and contact tracing are underway ".

"Two more suspected cases" of monkeypox are being investigated at the same facility. Together with the ascertained case " they do not show clinical signs of seriousness ". Transmission, says Spallanzani, "can occur through droplets of saliva and contact with lesions or infected biological liquids ".

In Madrid there are now 23 suspected cases, as we learn from a press release from the Madrid Regional Health Department. Monkeypox, the note explains, is a "very rare" disease that generally presents with "fever, myalgia, lymphadenopathy (swollen glands) and a rash on the hands and face, similar to chickenpox".

There are other suspects in the UK, Portugal and the US .

WHO: “MONITORING” - The World Health Organization "continues to closely monitor the rapidly changing situation ".

This was stated by WHO itself, specifying that for the moment "it does not recommend any restrictions on travel and commercial exchanges with the United Kingdom on the basis of the information available at the moment".

THE DISEASE - Monkeypox is a sylvan zoonosis - a disease affecting wild animals - with accidental human infections , which usually occur in the wooded parts of central and western Africa . The disease often ends with symptoms that usually resolve spontaneously within 14-21 days, is not very contagious among humans, and is transmitted through exposure to exhaled droplets and contact with infected skin lesions or contaminated materials.

Symptoms (including fever, headache, muscle aches, and rashes ) can be mild or severe, and the lesions can be very itchy or painful. To explain it is the WHO, in the face of various cases reported in Europe, the United States and a first case reported today also in Italy. The incubation period for monkeypox is generally between 6 and 13 days, but can range from 5 to 21 days .

The animal's reservoir remains unknown, although it is likely to be among the rodents. Contact with live and dead animals through hunting and the consumption of game or shrub meat are known risk factors . There are two families of monkeypox virus: it has been documented that the mortality rate for the West African family is about 1%, while for that of the Congo Basin it can be as high as 10%.

Historically, smallpox vaccination has been shown to be protective against monkeypox.

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