One of the six workers injured on Friday night in the accident at the Aluminum in Bolzano, a factory where aluminum has been produced since 1936, has died in Verona hospital. The man of foreign origin, whose details have not been communicated for the moment, he had been transported at night by helicopter to the major burns unit in Borgo Trento, where however last night he died due to the severity of his injuries.

The explosion occurred during the pouring and cooling phase of molten aluminum in a mold. The scenario that presented itself to the rescuers was apocalyptic: the explosion broke through the walls of the production department. While the firefighters began their extinguishing work, the injured were initially taken to the Bolzano hospital. Given the severity of their injuries, it was then decided to transfer them.

The exact dynamics will have to be established by experts who will be appointed by the Bolzano Prosecutor's Office: «At present there are still no suspects, as the investigating bodies have to reconstruct the guarantee positions within the plant on the basis of the company documentation that has been acquired as a result of the first interventions", informs the Prosecutor's Office.

"It is no longer acceptable to risk one's life to work", stated Fim, Fiom and Uilm Alto Adige, proclaiming an eight-hour strike for tomorrow at Aluminum Bozen and a four-hour strike in the metalworking sector at provincial level. A protest is also planned from 10am in front of the factory. In a note, the company expresses "maximum closeness to the workers" and their families and ensures "complete collaboration to clarify what happened".


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