The Palermo prosecutor's office is investigating for murder after the death of Angelo Onorato , the entrepreneur and husband of MEP Francesca Donato, found lifeless in his car last Saturday with a band around his neck .

Registration for murder is a necessary act given the need to carry out investigations, some of which are unrepeatable, such as the autopsy. The magistrates continue to lean towards the theory of suicide - the results of the first investigations carried out by the police suggest an extreme gesture - even if the reason for the gesture is far from clear.

However, the family members of the 56-year-old Palermo architect reiterate that they do not believe the theory of suicide and maintain that the man was killed.

«I am experiencing the most difficult and devastating moments of my life – writes MEP Francesca Donato on X -. The pain is unimaginable. I ask everyone to refrain from speculating about the causes of my husband's death. There are investigations underway, let's let the police work. I thank all those who in these terrible hours have had words of affection for my beloved Angel and have shown closeness and solidarity for my family. There are so many of them and each one is precious to me."

It was Donato, together with his daughter, who found the body. Concerned that he hadn't returned home, they located him through the iPhone and tracked down the vehicle, an SUV, parked on the side of Via Minutilla, a rather busy road that runs parallel to the motorway to Mazara del Vallo.


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