The sea of Taormina is closed to bathers . The cause is a fault in the sewerage of the consortium system which caused the spillage of black water in a stream, with the temporary ban on bathing for the stretch of sea up to 250 meters from the mouth.

Therefore, the red flag flies on the beach, and there are many establishments that have closed , leaving the vacationers who have invaded the coast dry-mouthed.

What is worrying, however, is what is happening in the two countries affected by the phenomenon, Letojanni and Mazzeo , where new cases of intoxication and malaise are sprouting like mushrooms.

Many people struggling with vomiting and diarrhea , especially the little ones. And in pharmacies, finding lactic ferments and antispasmodic drugs is mission impossible. Many children have also had to seek hospital treatment.

The people present on the spot complain about the delay of the municipal ordinance which established the bathing ban. According to the testimonies, this at least could have avoided the spread of intoxication and chaos in pharmacies.

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