Confirmed cases of monkeypox in Italy rise to three and are all in charge of the Spallanzani Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome . Therefore, two other cases confirmed by the analyzes are added to the case detected yesterday , and are related to case zero.

"I updated Minister Speranza on the evolution of the situation as soon as I received the news from the regional service for the surveillance of infectious diseases - explains the councilor for health of Lazio, Alessio D'Amato - The other two suspected cases, correlated with the Italian zero case , have been confirmed, therefore the cases of smallpox from monkeys all taken care of by the Spallanzani Institute rise to 3 ".

"The situation is absolutely under control", D'Amato continues. "The cases have been identified thanks to a proven surveillance system , the Seresmi. I wish and I am here to thank Spallanzani for his work, I thank the virus seekers. Every case found has about ten contacts, so the screening involves 30 contacts. We hope that in the next few hours this important work can be completed ".

"Human-to -human transmission characterizes a large part of the cases found", the experts present at the press conference then specified. But "it cannot be defined as a sexually transmitted disease and which affects homosexuals in particular. At the moment we know that it concerns close contacts ".

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