" The fun of the banks is over ."

Silvia Salis , deputy vice president of Coni and former athletics champion – ten Italian titles on the bulletin board – verbally attacked by a taxi driver in Genoa because she wanted to pay for the ride with an ATM .

The 37-year-old former hammer driver decided to tell what happened in a story on her Instagram profile, especially due to the aggressive tones used by the taxi driver who yelled at her.

"Genoa, taxi to the airport: I see the Pos and therefore ask to pay the 32 euros with an ATM", summarizes the incident Salis. " He tells me no, that now he no longer has to, that the free ride of the banks is over and that he needs cash ."

It doesn't end here: «In the face of my objections – adds the athlete – he started yelling at them with arrogance. He said that now he can finally do as he pleases .'

«First of all - added Salis - I want to thank the honest taxi drivers who carry out an indispensable public service, and who equip themselves with the tools to accept any type of payment, and who are the vast majority. I would like to point out, for example, the taxi driver I met upon my arrival at Genoa Airport on Saturday. At the end of the journey I informed him that I would pay by card, and he said 'certainly ma'am, but I invite you to bring cash with you because many of my colleagues will cause you problems' ».

Silvia Salis's story is bouncing on numerous social message boards: the threshold of 60 euros below which payments with the POS established by the latest budget law can be refused . Threshold on which, among other things, just yesterday Giorgia Meloni took a half step back , perhaps so as not to create too many frictions with the European Union.


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