A ten-year-old child suffering from Covid-19 died in the Intensive Care Unit of the Regina Margherita children's hospital in Turin.

The baby, Lorenzo, was apparently not vaccinated: according to the doctors who took care of him it was "a choice of the family, made up entirely of vaccinated adults, linked to health precautions". The child was suffering from epilepsy and the parents for this reason had decided not to subject him to the injection, although there were no particular contraindications in his case.

Yesterday morning Lorenzo's conditions worsened and he was transferred to Turin from the Mondovì hospital, in the province of Cuneo.

He arrived at Regina Margherita with hypothermia, rhabdomyolysis, severe muscle pain in the lower limbs and suspected myocarditis: all symptoms triggered by the virus. The specific treatment against Covid began immediately but all the attempts of the health professionals proved useless.

The Corporate Management of the City of Health, of which the hospital is a part, "clings to the family in this moment of profound pain".

"A great tragedy for the family and for our entire small community - the words of the mayor of Nucetto, Enzo Dho, the city where the child lived with his family -. Lollo was a good child. Sunny and smiling. I am speechless. On behalf of the municipal administration, I express deep condolences to my mother, father, brothers and grandparents. We are a small community. What has happened is a tragedy that affects us all ".

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