«There are days , like this one, when it is unbearable not to be able to hear her and gossip saying: have you seen everything we said is coming true? And you who told us we were wrong." This is how Roberto Saviano closed his meeting at the Perugia International Journalism Festival last night, remembering his friend Michela Murgia , who died last August 10th. Saviano dedicated his latest book "We two belong" to the writer from Cabras on the dynamics of sex, love and betrayal within mafia organisations.

«I have only one thought about Michela - said Saviano -, I think I have disregarded all the things I promised her . But there is one thing above all, which is fundamental: do not allow those who decide to choose to remain alone . And this is a constant thought that Michela had towards me , but not only. This is because you must never forget to live . If commitment makes you unhappy, makes you stop dancing, kissing, sleeping, it means it's wrong. And so to prevent commitment, choice, the will to fight from making your life a horror, you must not be alone. I like to remember her like this."


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