At first the carabinieri had thought of suicide, or hypothesized a challenge on social media that ended in tragedy.

Instead Roberto Miron, a 16-year-old high school student from Vicenza, died when he fell from the window while trying to retrieve his dropped cell phone.

The drama took place on Tuesday: it was the young man's grandmother's birthday and the whole family had joined her at home for the celebrations, in the woman's apartment on the seventh floor.

Roberto went to the bathroom and was fiddling with his smartphone, which he dropped and ended up on the terrace on the lower floor. So he climbed down from the window, picked up the phone and tried to go back upstairs, climbing to the downspout, but during the ascent he lost his grip and fell into the void.

The carabinieri came to this conclusion by analyzing the position in which the body was found, compatible with an accidental fall.

The prosecutor has not yet filed the file, awaits the analysis of the victim's PC and smartphone.

The sixteen-year-old's funeral will be held on Wednesday morning, Roberto's birthday.


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