Two hundred and fifty in the square in Rome, to defend the rights of 1500 in Italy and eleven in Sardinia: all social and health workers, for the vast majority women, recruited by the civil protection to work in prisons during the toughest period of the pandemic , which from 31 December are at risk of being out of work.

"Forgotten, as if nothing had happened, despite promises and ministerial circulars on our stabilization". To speak is Sabrina Puddu, who this morning was in Piazza Santi Apostoli with colleagues. They are part of the Covid social health unit which was created to fight the virus inside penitentiaries.

"We take to the streets because, despite the promises of the various ministries, they planned to make our employment on a permanent basis, as envisaged in the note from the Ministry of Justice in March, endorsed by the head of the Civil Protection department and the Ministry of Health", reads in a note, "and despite all the various parliamentary questions of the current governing political forces when they were in opposition, they seem to have forgotten about our existence".

"We are worried", explains Puddu from Rome, "the expiry date of our contracts is approaching and we have not received any signal". They hoped to have some today, during the demonstration: «They had assured us of a meeting» , adds the Sardinian Oss, who left with about ten colleagues, «but no one showed up. We are 1500 throughout Italy, our voice must be heard. When we served, we worked in difficult contexts. Now with the sound of extensions we have exceeded 18 months of work, but since the contract is with the Civil Protection it does not mean that we will automatically be stabilized ». Even if “there is a circular from a minister. We ask that it be respected."


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