Alfredo Cospito " was transferred for health security but his prison regime does not change , the choice of transfer was made because Opera has perhaps the most efficient health facility in Italy, but the 41 bis does not change".

In a press conference with Justice Carlo Nordio and Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani explains yesterday's decisions of the CDM for the case of the anarchist imprisoned until yesterday in Sassari and on strike for 104 days in the hungry .

«The State reacts with the force of the law to the violence of those who have attacked private and public assets, in Italy and abroad» said the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani referring to the demonstrative episodes of the anarchist galaxy not only in Italy, in Rome and Milan, but also ad   Athens, Berlin and Barcelona.

"In the face of violence, it is not a question" , said the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio and precisely "the wave of acts of vandalism proves that the link between the prisoner and his companions remains and would tend to justify maintaining the 41 bis" . added.

Cospito's transfer to the Opera prison « is not a minimum yielding of the State but the recognition that one thing is the dutiful expiation of the sentence but another the absolute protection of health . Protection of health which is a sacred and mandatory principle".

The ministry cannot intervene on the 41 bis, for the moment, but a definitive decision "will be taken after a mature study of the legal situation. Any decision on the part that is our responsibility cannot and must not be adopted if we do not first receive the opinions of the judicial authorities ».

Returning to the anarchist raids: " The methodology implemented by the anarchists - Piantedosi articulated - requires us to pay attention to the institutional offices for the very insidious ways in which the actions have manifested themselves , even" in the form of "terrorist attacks". Tomorrow the minister will chair a meeting of the anti - terrorism strategic analysis committee with the police and intelligence forces .

TO THE CHAMBER - Meanwhile , this morning there is a tussle in the Chamber over the statements of the deputy of Fratelli D'Italia Giovanni Donzelli , very close to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who defined Cospito as "an influencer who uses the 41 bis to make the state cede" and pointed the finger on the visit of the dem to the Sassari prison.

“Cospito is a terrorist and he proudly claimed him from prison – he said -. From the documents found in the Ministry of Justice, Francesco Di Maio of the Casalesi clan said, meeting Cospito: 'Piece by piece we will arrive at the result', which would be the abolition of 41 bis. Cospito replied: 'It must be a fight against the 41 bis'. But on the same day, January 12, 2023, while speaking with the mafiosi, Cospito also met the parliamentarians Serracchiani, Verini, Lai and Orlando. I want to know if the left is on the side of the state or the terrorists ».

The session was suspended: «I express my regret for a climate that has gradually deteriorated and does not allow us to continue on a theme that should be unifying. I ask for a suspension, with a group leader to try to put the picture back together», explained Alessandro Cattaneo, Fi group leader, in the Chamber of Deputies.

The Democratic Party rises up: «Today's classroom – comments Debora Serracchiani, in a press point outside Palazzo Montecitorio – was unanimously called to approve the bill establishing the anti-mafia commission. On this we think there must be unity. This unity has been soiled by Donzelli's words, which are very serious and have content and character of criminal relevance . Given that Donzelli has important institutional roles, we wonder if this is the position of President Meloni. We ask President Meloni to take a clear position. Tell us if the president Meloni thinks the same way.


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