No cell phone in class for students, but now not even for teachers. The novelty comes from a school in the Caserta area through a circular issued by the manager Antonella Tafuri for the all-inclusive state institute "Formicola, Liberi Pontelatone" in Formicola.

After last December's provision signed by the Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara which confirmed the ban on using the mobile phone during lessons in the classroom, and which was aimed above all at children, the teachers had appreciated, believing that the smartphone was a element of distraction for oneself and for others.

Now that stop also applies to the teaching staff: «With my circular - explained the school manager - I intended to draw attention to the correct use of the device also by the staff. As you know, students have an obligation not to use it in class. This is a rule which, if it applies to pupils, must apply all the more to adults, who, indeed, should be even more diligent in setting a good example". Over time, the manager has received many complaints from teachers and school collaborators. «For weeks - says Tafuri - I have been listening to reports from various parents regarding the abuse of the telephone by some teachers during lessons. It is a bad habit that involves a lack of vigilance over the pupils and disturbances in the didactic action ».

It is not, he explains, "that the cell phone should be left outside the courtroom, even if the circular would provide for it". «If you keep it in your purse, in your pocket and don't use it, there's no problem. But at least I believe that after my initiative no one will have the effrontery to take it out and use it», hopes the principal.

However, the circular has provoked protests from the trade unions, Gilda and CGIL school have already announced that they will challenge the measure taken by the school manager.


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