Giorgio Napolitano is recovering after undergoing surgery in Rome a few days ago in the Intercompany Department of the San Camillo-Forlanini and Inmi Spallanzani Company.

"If everything goes well, the patient could soon be transferred to the ward " and therefore leave the intensive care where he is currently, health sources say.

The president emeritus of the Republic, 96, was operated on on the abdomen . The (scheduled) surgery was performed by the team of Professor Giuseppe Maria Ettorre, one of the leading experts in the field of oncological, hepatobiliary and liver transplant surgery. "The operation, conducted with a minimally invasive technique, was successful - the hospital announced -. Currently the patient is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of Inmi Spallanzani. The president is awake with a steady clinical picture. The prognosis remains confidential".

For Napolitano, this was the second surgery since he left the presidency of the Republic , at the beginning of 2015. On 24 April 2018 he was hospitalized at the San Camillo hospital in Rome due to a sudden illness and underwent a complex surgery. aorta , performed by Professor Francesco Musumeci.

Since then, the former tenant of the Colle has reduced his physical presence in Palazzo Madama, while continuing to follow political life . Even in the consultations conducted by the head of state for the birth of the Conte II governments, in 2019, and Draghi, in 2021, even by telephone, Sergio Mattarella did not lack the advice of his predecessor and a great connoisseur of parliamentary dynamics.

In February Napolitano attended "with participation" the inauguration ceremony of Mattarella, re-elected like him for a second term.

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