A new acquittal for Fabrizio Corona. The sentence issued by the judge of the first criminal section of Milan found the former king of the paparazzi not guilty, as " the fact does not exist ", in relation to the allegations of omitted tax return for the 2.6 million euro affair in cash which in 2016 had been found partly in a false ceiling of her friend and collaborator Francesca Persi and partly in safe deposit boxes in Austria.

During the trial, Corona's lawyer, Ivano Chiesa, had filed a series of documents to prove that on that money there had already been "the fulfillment of the tax debt by Athena", the company and advertising agency of your client. The money, after a seizure in the investigation, had been returned to Athena.

In the proceedings it was disputed that that company was a "mere screen" of Corona's entrepreneurial activity and to him as a natural person he was accused of not having paid taxes, evading the tax authorities between 2014 and 2016.

"We are happy - said the defender - because sometimes things go as they should go, when the elements are in favor of the accused: Corona did not have to pay as a natural person and we have demonstrated this with documents and witnesses".

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